Tutankam intro screen Tutankam level 1 game screen
Tutankam intro and level 1 game screens
Tutankam level 2 intro screen Tutankam level 2 game screen
Tutankam level 2 intro and level 2 game screens

Tutankam is based on the arcade game Tutankhamen. Basically, you have multiple levels of mazes to go through, picking up treasures, killing monsters, using warp tunnels, trying to find all of the keys so that you can unlock all of the doors to get to the next level. Each level is larger than the previous. Unlike the original arcade game (where you could only shoot left or right), you can shoot in all 4 directions in Tutankam. You also have super-bombs that will destroy all monsters on your currently visible screen, although you only have three of them. You also have a map on the right, which you can use to find your way through the maze, as well as track monsters. There are at least 4 levels that I know of, of which two are shown above.
Like most other Dave Edson games, there are hidden messages in the code... in Tutankam's case, a lot of them! Some of them are actually set up to 'hold' on the screen if you use a FOR/NEXT loop to dump the characters to the screen. You can find these messages at the following offsets in the .BIN file:
Offset $1976-$19b5
Offset $1a10-$1aab
Offset $1afb-$1b63
Offset $20ab-$20e3
Offset $2a44-$2a60
Offset $2c36-$2c6b (pyramid code - take each character, and translate it so it is one character lower in ASCII table)
Offset $2f41-$2f69
Offset $384a-$386d (If I remember correctly, dumping more memory before & after actually caused this message to stay on the screen for a bit, before the program gets dumped again!)
Offset $3c3b-$3c45 (hint for pyramid code)
Offset $3d8f-$3e08

Title: Tutankam

Author: Dave Edson

Publisher: Aadvark-80

Released: 1983

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 32K RAM, tape or disk, joystick.


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