Sea Battle

Sea Battle intro screen #1 Sea Battle intro screen #2
Sea Battle intro screens.
Sea Battle game screen

Sea Battle game screens.

Sea Battle is a clone of the popular board game Battleship. This particular version was originally released for the MC-10 on Dec. 27, 1985, and was converted back to the Coco (with some changes and updates) on June 14, 1987, when it was uploaded onto Compuserve. One thing different about this version as compared to the original: when you place your ships, you can only place them in a horizontal orientation.

Title: Sea Battle

Author: Bob Kimball Woodward

Publisher: Public Domain/Shareware (released on Compuserve)

Released: June 14, 1987

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 16K RAM, cassette or disk.

Download BATTLE.BAS. Note: this is a tokenized BASIC program.

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