Darkmoor Hold

Darkmoor Hold intro screen

Darkmoor Hold intro screen
Darkmoor Hold game screen #1 Darkmoor Hold game screen #2
Darkmoor Hold game screens #1 & #2
Darkmoor Hold game screen #3 Darkmoor Hold game screen #4
Darkmoor Hold game screens #3 & #4

Darkmoor Hold is one of Glen Dahlgren's earliest Coco games, pre-dating him forming his own company, Sundog Systems. It is a graphical adventure game, but done a bit differently than most. The screen is divided into sections: the top banner is your room description (and available directions), followed below by the graphical, 3D view you see (and monsters appear hear too), followed a 3 column pane, divided by the 3 people in your party: A Dwarf, a human, and an elf. The very bottom describes objects (including monsters) in the room. The 3 column is where Darkmoor Hold is different than most; you type in 1 or 2 character commands (there are only about 20) for each character to do separately (some commands require an additional word to function). Some characters have special powers: the Elf can properly identify creatures who are cloaked by evil Wizard that are attempting to defeat, and cast spells. The Dwarf is good at combat, but takes more damage. The Human is not quite as good a fighter, but is more resistant to damage. The game has a multi-voice music theme that plays when the game starts, and some good sound effects. You have 10 levels to go through, and on each level you have to search for 3 items: a weapon, a treasure, and a defensive item. Your characters will use the new items, and level up each level you go down. If a character gets knocked out, his turn is skipped when you are entering commands.
The game offers save/restore game features, and the monsters attack strength is based on how much damage it suffered (ie they get weaker the more you hurt them).

Title: Darkmoor Hold

Author: Glen R. Dahlgren

Publisher: Prickly-Pear Software

Released: 1985

Requires: Color Computer 1/2/3, 64K RAM, Extended BASIC, disk.

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