World Class Chess

World Class Chess intro screen World Class Chess game screen
World Class Chess intro & game screens

World Class Chess is a conversion of the Cyrus chess cartridge (originally by Richard Lang of Intelligent Software in 1982, distributed by Tandy) to the Coco 3 and OS-9 (or NitrOS-9). While playing with the same algorithms as Cyrus, the screen layout is completely redone to use the 640x192 four color mode, and thus can fit all 3 of the original cartridge's screens (including full onscreen help) onto one screen, whilst making the colors more pleasing to the eye. It also adds some features: 1) printing a game's log to the printer, 2) full mouse support (including support for the high resolution mouse interface), and 3) saving/loading games in progress to disk. It still has the same smooth animation of moving pieces as the original cartridge did as well.

Title: World Class Chess

Author: Chris Burke

Publisher: Burke & Burke

Released: 1991

Requires: Color Computer 3 ONLY, OS-9 or NitrOS-9, 256K RAM, disk, joystick optional.

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