The Pond

The Pond intro screen #1 The Pond intro screen #2
The Pond intro screens
The Pond screen #1 The Pond screen #2
The Pond game screens 1 &2
The Pond screen #3

The Pond games screens 3 &4

The Pond is one of a line of educational games that Sunburst Communications did for multiple machines, and was sold through Radio Shack/Tandy. This particular one (available for Commodore-64, and possibly others), is a memorization game, where one scans a vertically scrolling screen of lily-pads, and has to remember the directions to navigate them, and then enter that in to successfully get through it.

The author of the Coco version of this game (Larry Bank), also did some other Coco games that were not through Radio Shack/Tandy (Pac Attack II and Snak Pak).

Title: The Pond

Author: Larry Bank (Sunburst Communications, game designed by Eric Grubbs and Mike Fish)

Publisher: Tandy Corporation

Released: 1984

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 32K RAM, disk.

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