Artillery Duel

Artillery Duel game screen

Artillery Duel game screen

Artillery Duel is one of Spectral Associates launch titles for the Coco, appearing in their first ad (80 Micro February 1981). It was meant for 4K RAM Coco's, running in BASIC in low res. It is based on earlier Artillery based strategy games (I first saw one on the PET in 1979), although it does have some differences from the other ones I played back then: 1) It's single player against the computer only, 2) It's in real time (the player and the computer change their Elevation (EL) and Muzzle Velocity (MV) live with hot keys between each shot. The computer will gradually fire closer and close to you, and the object is for you to kill the computer first on the randomly generated terrain. You are both allowed only one shot on the screen at once, although the human player has the advantage of being to self destruct their current shell ('D' key) in midair.
This game later became part of the 30 game Treasury Pack from Spectral Associates in 1985.

Title: Artillery Duel

Author: ???

Publisher: Spectral Associates

Released: February 1981

Requires: Color Computer 1/2/3, 4K RAM, cassette.

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