Pelieti game screen

Pelieti game screen.

Pelieti is a freeware, one player maze game for the Coco 3. In it, you are the player on the right, and the computer is the player on the left. You are both in the same, large maze (it scrolls both vertically and horizontally), eating dots (ala Pac Man). However, there are no power pills, and you are invisible to each each other, and can not affect each other. Your goal is to eat more dots than the computer by the time the entire maze is empty. Since there are a lot of dead ends, both you and the computer end up backtracking a lot, making it challenging. It does not even require a joystick, simply using the arrow keys to navigate around. This was one of Roger's earlier games, from before the Spider Hype series was released.

Title: Pelieti

Author: Roger Taylor

Publisher: Roger Taylor (Freeware)

Released: February, 1991

Requires: Color Computer 3, 128K RAM, tape or disk.


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