Neutroid II

Neutroid II intro screen #1 Neutroid II intro screen #2
Neutroid II intro screens.
Neutroid II game screen

Neutroid II game screen.

Neutroid II is Nick Marentes first Coco game. Based on an earlier TRS-80 Model I game he wrote called Neutroid in 1983, it was originally going to be a straight port, but it ended up being changed enough to warrent the "II" label. The game uses a semigraphics mode, with mixed text and 9 color graphics, that does NOT work on the Coco 3. In the game, you must control the actions of a newly discovered atomic particle.

Title: Neutroid II

Author: Nick Marentes

Publisher: Nick Marentes (originally hoped to be distributed by Radio Shack). Was released by Tom Mix's Novasoft in 1987 for a short time.

Released: 1984

Requires: Color Computer 1/2 ONLY, 16K RAM, disk drive, joystick.

Download NEUTROID.ZIP (Contains NEUTROID.DSK image). Type RUN "NEUTROID" to run.

If you would rather get a 2 .DSK set with all of Nick's freely available games, and menu driven to boot, please download them from Nick's own page.

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