Run Dino Run!

Run Dino Run! intro screen 1 Run Dino Run! intro screen 2
Run Dino Run! intro screens 1 & 2.
Run Dino Run! intro screen 3 Run Dino Run! game screen 1
Run Dino Run! Intro screen 3 and game screen 1.
Run Dino Run! game screen 2

Run Dino Run! game screen 2.

Run Dino Run! is a Coco 3 port (it uses a Coco 1/2 graphics mode, but the 3 voice music routine requires the Coco 3's hardware timer) of the popular Google Chrome browser Dinosaur Game, which is meant to be played when Chrome is offline. Featuring 3 voice background music of 3 different tunes (which you can both skip to the next song or mute the music entirely), Run Dino Run! is a simple concept - while continuously running, the player must jump and duck obstacles (varying cactuses & rocks, flying pterodactyls, etc.) until the player hits something; then the game is over (you only have one life). As you progress through the game it speeds up, and there are some easter eggs in the Coco version for certain score levels that show up during gameplay. It can be played either by keyboard controls or using both buttons on a two button joystick, and these enable the player to jump or duck. That is the only control the player has; the scrolling horizontal speed of the terrain is based on your score and not player interaction. The graphics are 2 color, but well done, with digitized mountains in the background, and well drawn opponent and player shapes (and a cute, wide-eyed look to the dinosaur when the player hits something and dies). A great freeware game release by Paul Fiscarelli.

Title: Run Dino Run!

Author: Paul Fiscarelli, based on the original game for Google Chrome by Sebastion Gabriel. 3 voice music routine by Simon Jonassen

Publisher: Paul Fiscarelli

Released: September 2019

Requires: Color Computer 3, 128K RAM.

Download here.

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