Prospector intro screen Prospector level 1 game screen
Prospector intro and level 1 game screen. NOTE:Screenshots of the other levels will come later.

Prospector is an arcade game that Rainbow magazine published in their December, 1988 issue. The game is in machine language, and feature 50 levels built in. The accompanying magazine article even explained how to add your own levels to the game, using any of 16 objects: Blank, Platform, Gold Nugget, Elevator, Floater, Teleporter, Ladder, Exit, Gas Canister, Player (your start position), Igor, Grof Bin, Snarf, Ratty and End of Screen (not really an object).

Title: Prospector

Author: Lee J. Chapel

Publisher: Rainbow Magazine

Released: Dec. 1988

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 32K RAM, tape or disk, joystick.

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