Mine Rescue

Mine Rescue intro screen #1 Mine Rescue intro screen #2
Mine Rescue intro screens
Mine Rescue game screen

Mine Rescue game screen

Mine Rescue is very similiar to another game that Steve Bjork did for Tandy around the same time called Super Pitfall. This game, however, Steve sold on his own through SRB Software, which are his initials. It was mainly distributed by Game Point Software, and the Monique Ellison you see mentioned in the credits ended up marrying Steve a little later.

The game features a very large, 4 way scrolling map, and you have to try and rescue all of the trapped miners by giving them oxygen tanks... but you can only carry five at a time. You can find some scattered in the mine, and you can get some at your startpoint of the game as well. I am pretty sure that Mine Rescue and Super Pitfall share a lot of the same code; the graphic and sound routines are virtually identical.

Title: Mine Rescue

Author: Steve Bjork (SRB Software)

Publisher: Game Point Software

Released: 1988

Requires: Color Computer 3, 128K RAM, disk, joystick optional.

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