Bouncing Boulders

Bouncing Boulders intro screen 1 Bouncing Boulders intro screen 2
Bouncing Boulders Intro screens
Bouncing Boulders game screen

Bouncing Boulders game screen.

Bouncing Boulders is a clone of the cross-platform (Atari, Apple, Commodore) smash, Boulder-Dash... which itself borrows elements from the arcade game Mr. Do. You have to gather the diamonds underground, while making sure that you don't cause diamonds or boulders to fall and crush you. Unlike Mr. Do, the actual playfield is larger than a single screen, and it scrolls in 4 directions.

Title: Bouncing Boulders

Author: Dave Dies and Roland Knight

Publisher: Diecom Products

Released: 1986

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 64K RAM, tape or disk, joystick.

Download BOULDERS.ZIP (Contains both BOULDERS.BIN AND BOULDPT2.BIN). Type LOADM "BOULDERS" and then EXEC to run (It will autoload part 2 for you). Please note: While I have fixed the initial load screen to it's unhacked version, the graphic splash screen is still partially hacked, and this version was also hacked to allow you to select 1-99 men to start the game with.

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