Sea Dragon

Sea Dragon intro screen

Sea Dragon intro screen
Sea Dragon level 1 game screen Sea Dragon level 2 game screen
Sea Dragon levels 1 and 2 game screens
Sea Dragon level 3 game screen Sea Dragon reactor game screen
Sea Dragon level 3 and Reactor game screens
Sea Dragon Reactor destroyed screen #1 Sea Dragon Reactor destroyed screen #2
Sea Dragon Reactor destroyed screens

Sea Dragon is one of my favorite games for the Coco 1/2. This game appeared on multiple platforms (TRS-80 Model I/III, Apple II, Atari 400/800, as well as Coco), and only two versions (as far as I know) had speech: The Apple, and the Coco version. The Coco version also featured a lot of multi-part harmony songs throughout the game, although you could shut that off during the main game (I wouldn't recommend it though, or destroying the reactor at the end is quite disappointing). The basic premise is similiar to such arcade hits as Scramble; you are going through a maze of underwater tunnels, etc. trying to get to the reactor at the end in order to blow it up. Like Scramble, once you get far enough to certain points, if you die, you will start at the new point, rather than right at the beginning. If you are good enough, you will not notice this, as it is one smooth run through the whole thing (there is no pauses between the stages). The first three 'levels' pictured above are the starting points of each stage... there are several screens worth of scrolling terrain between each of them. You are the submarine, and you have to shoot and dodge your way through all of this, and also surface occasionally to replenish your air, or you will die of suffocation. Once you get to the reactor, you have to dodge fire from two indestructable turrets, while blasting through a stationary triangular wall, and then a moving rectangular one.

If you have the music enabled, you get a nice little intermission congratulating you, while playing another song (with music disabled, it just blows up and you start over).

The intro screen has a little sailor, and if you let it sit for a few seconds, he will salute you, say "Welcome aboard Captain", and then run through three little songs, while playing his accordian and tapping his foot to the music. A very well done game... and, unlike most people, I always found it easier to play on the fastest level (level 7).

Title: Sea Dragon

Author: Jim Hurd (Coniah Software)

Publisher: Adventure International

Released: Late 1982 or early 1983

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 32K RAM, tape or disk, joystick optional.


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