Pipes intro screen #1 Pipes intro screen #2
Pipes intro screens 1&2
Pipes level 1 initial game screen Pipes level 1 game in progress
Pipes game screens for level 1 - start and during game play
Pipes level 3 initial game screen Pipes level 4 initial game screen
Pipes levels 3 & 4 initial game screens
Pipes high score entry screen

Pipes high score entry screen

Pipes is a commercial game release for the Coco 1,2 and 3 (and Dragon 32/64) based on the cross platform hit Pipe Mania (also known as Pipe Dream) that was originally released in June of 1989 on the Amiga, Atari ST and DOS, and then on multiple other platforms over the next few years, but never the Coco (or Dragon) that I know of. The game uses a 9 color Semigraphics mode and features multi-voice background music and sound effects with no additional hardware, and plays with either an analog joystick or mouse. The object of the game is to keep water flowing through a pipe that the player is building for as long as possible, before it hits an open space, dead end, or the side of an existing pipe. The longer the player can make the pipe, the more points they will get. The speed of the waterflow picks up after a time, making it more difficult to keep adding on pipe pieces. The top part of the screen shows the next 4 pieces that the player gets to work with; they can place it in a new spot, overtop a piece that they don't want, or tossed far away. On later levels extra squares are added that the player needs to navigate their pipe building around; further on yet are things like one way rotating tiles that water can only flow through in one direction. A very addictive and well presented game, especially for the minimal system requirements required. There are several background songs, and wave effects to start each level as well.

You can order the digital download (as well as see a video of gameplay) for the various platforms from Nick's site (see link below). You also have the option of buying his new Coco Arcade bundle, which contains all 3 of his recent Coco 1/2 semi-graphics games (Rally SG, Pipes and Jumping Joey) in a full color CD jewel case (and color instruction sheet for Jumping Joey).

Title: Pipes

Author: Nicholas Marentes

Publisher: Nicholas Marentes

Released: October 2020

Requires: Color Computer 1/2/3, Dragon 32, Dragon 64, 16K RAM, joystick or mouse.

Purchase Pipes from Nick's website - either as it's own digital download, or as part of a physical collectors CD that also includes Jumping Joey and Rally SG.

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