City Bomber

City Bomber intro screen #1 City Bomber intro screen #2
City Bomber intro screens 1&2
City Bomber intro screen #3

City Bomber intro screen 3
City Bomber level 1 City Bomber level 1 partly bombed
City Bomber level 1 & level 1 partially bombed game screens
City Bomber level 2

City Bomber level 2 game screen

City Bomber is an arcade style game loosely based on the game Blitz (from the Commodore 64 or Atari 8 bit machines). Featuring multi-voice music during it's splash screen, and a neat hardware text screen trick just before it's Skill Level select, the game has you flying a plane that slowly zig-zags across the screen, while lowering each time you hit the edge. You drop bombs that wipe out everything to the ground straight below you; you have to try and wipe the whole city out below before you reach the bottom. If you wipe out taller structures, you can fly lower on your own volition to bomb faster. There are 9 cities to go through, and the vehicle you are flying changes between each level (jets, flying carpets, surfboards, etc.).

Title: City Bomber

Author: Tio Babich

Publisher: Saint John Gallery

Released: 1987

Requires: Color Computer 1/2/3, 32K RAM, disk.

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