Golf (Aardvark)

Golf - 1st Hole Golf - 2nd Hole
1st and 2nd Hole
Golf - 3rd Hole Golf - 4th Hole
3rd and 4th Hole
Golf - 5th Hole Golf - 6th Hole
5th and 6th Hole
Golf - 7th Hole Golf - 8th Hole
7th and 8th Hole
Golf - 9th Hole

9th (last) Hole

Golf is a graphical, 9 hole Golf game written in Extended BASIC. It was actually quite well done, with 9 different holes, different clubs (and 3 lengths you could hit each), and decent terrain. It was completely keyboard operated, although the way to select clubs was a little awkward. Actually aiming your shot was well done, with many possible trajectories, and the ball could actually clear obstactles (like water) before it hit the ground again (unfortunately, there was no visual representation of how high the golf ball was at any given time).

Title: Golf

Author: ???

Publisher: Aardvark-80

Released: 1982

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 16K RAM Extended Basic, tape or disk.

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