Sinistaar intro screen 1 Sinistaar intro screen 2
Sinistaar Intro screens 1 and 2
Sinistaar intro screen 3 Sinistaar intro screen 4
Sinistaar Intro screens 3 and 4
Sinistaar game screen #1 Sinistaar game screen #2
Sinistaar sample game screens. The 2nd one shows a partially constructed Sinistaar.

Sinistaar is a clone of the arcade hit Sinistar. Featuring sound effects that were probably taped right off of the original arcade game (including the voice synthesis of the Sinistar itself), it plays identical to the arcade version, except not as fast. It uses 320x225x16 color graphics (most Coco 3 games used 320x192 or 320x200), and digitized sound effects. The premise is that you have to mine asteroids to get Sinibombs, while defending yourself from hostile aliens. Some of the aliens also mine, and capture the Sinibombs, to build the Sinistaar robot-station itself. Once it is fully built (and you hear the chilling words, "Beware... I live!"), you have to have enough Sinibombs to completely destroy the station, or try to get them fast before the Sinistar destroys you. There are some quite good sound and graphic effects when you finally kill the Sinistaar...
Like the arcade, you have a large radar (similiar to Defender), which shows the location of all of the asteroids, aliens, and the Sinistaar itself relative to your current position. Sinistaar was also, I believe, the first 512K required Coco 3 game, and took 3 disks to load.

Title: Sinistaar

Author: Dave Dies (under the name of Phantom Software)

Publisher: Sundog Systems

Released: 1989

Requires: Color Computer 3 with 512K RAM, disk only, joystick (2 button recommended).

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