Poker Squares

Poker Squares game screen 1 Poker Squares game screen 2
Poker Squares game screens 1&2

Poker Squares is a single player strategy card game, where you get a playing area with 25 cards (in a 5x5 grid), with a diagonal line of cards turned over. You draw cards, and then place them on the unused spaces, and every so many of these, you get to turn one of the diagonal cards over. The goal is to build the best 10 hands, based on the 5 vertical and 5 horizontal "hands" that you form by placing the cards. Hands have different points depending on what cards you have, similar to Las Vegas video poker. Paul's cards are based on an excellent design by pixel artist Michael Myers.

Title: Poker Squares

Author: Paul Shoemaker

Publisher: Freeware

Released: July 2020

Requires: Color Computer 3 ONLY, 128K RAM, disk only.

Download either the Coco 3 only or Coco 1/2 versions here.

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