Trickashay intro screen Trickashay screenshot
Trickashay intro and game screenshot

Trickashay is an original arcade game for two players. In David's own words:
Trickashay is a tank game where two players or one player vs. the computer fired shells at each other, ricocheting them off of an array of diagonal barriers which turned 90 degrees when hit, constantly changing the array; the tanks could also fire directly at each other.
Because of the richocheting, you can also shoot yourself. You also only have a limited amount of shots per tank. During a game, if one hits the 'W' key, you can get slow firing, instead of the lightning fast version that happens by default. The different skill levels dictate how many of the diagonal barriers appear (level 5 has none), as well as the number of human players.

Title: Trickashay

Author: David Crandall

Publisher: AHL Computing

Released: 1983?

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 16K RAM, joystick, tape or disk.


Please note: David still retains the copyright for this game, but you may play it for free.

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