Desert Rider

Desert Rider intro screen Desert Rider game screen

Desert Rider is a 3D version of the arcade game Bump n' Jump... sort of combining that concept with Pole Position. In it, you are on a racetrack, trying to beat opponents, by dodging (or jumping) opposing cars, holes, and rocks. Since the game was distributed by Tandy Corporation, it is interesting to note that the famous Tandy towers from Fort Worth, Texas appear on the horizon while you play the game (as seen in the above screenshots). This is one of the first Steve Bjork games sold through Tandy that was actually on disk instead of cartridge (along with Sands of Egypt and Pitfall II).

Title: Desert Rider

Author: Steve Bjork (Color America User Group & SRB Software)

Publisher: Radio Shack/Tandy

Released: 1984

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 32K RAM, disk, joystick.

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