Mars/Mars II

Mars II screen

Mars II game screen

Mars II is a text based adventure game written in BASIC from Aardvark software, who made many such games during the early 1980's (and for many platforms). In this one you have to fix your spaceship to get away from Martians. The original ads for this program called it simply 'Mars', and I believe the 'Mars II' came from a modified version for Disk Extended BASIC to allow it run on a 16K machine. Aardvark marketed this one as an easier, beginners adventure (although average playing time was still lasted as 30-50 hours).

Title: Mars/Mars II

Author: Rodger Olsen

Publisher: Aardvark-80

Released: 1981-1982 (?)

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 16K RAM, disk or tape.

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