Galactic Taipan

Galactic Taipan intro screen

Galactic Taipan intro screen
Galactic Taipan game screen 1 Galactic Taipan game screen 2
Galactic Taipan game screens

Galactic Taipan is a space trading game, that features a mix of low-res maps and command screens with some higher resolution animated sequences as well. A bit more sophisticated in it's options than the later Coco 3 game Zone Runner, it features banking options, space storms, taxes and other things during your quest to make as much money as possible. Planets have different technological levels, and what you can do on each planet (for example, repair your ship) depends on that technology level.

Galactic Taipan is a bit different than the average Ark Royal game in that it is not a military simulation per se, but rather it is trade based.

Title: Galactic Taipan

Author: David Cochrane

Publisher: Ark Royal Games

Released: 1983

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 32K RAM Extended BASIC, cassette or disk.

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