Dogfight game screen

Dogfight game screen.

Dogfight is one of the very first machine language games that Craig Stewart ever wrote, and it was published later in the April 1987 issue of Australian Coco magazine. It's a simple game with no scoring and requiring two players (one per joystick) where both fly around in a wraparound screen trying to shoot each other. Controls are similar to a real plane; pull up by pushing the joystick down, and fly down by pushing the joystick down. It features good sound effects and engine sounds (you can turn that off/on by hitting the left and right arrow keys during game play), and if you shoot your opposing player 5 times, it causes the hit plane to spin out of control for a bit, and leave some debris behind.

Title: Dogfight

Author: Craig Stewart

Publisher: Australian Coco April 1987

Released: April 1987

Requires: Color Computer 1/2/3, 32K RAM, Extended BASIC, 2 joysticks.

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