Those Darn Marbles

Those Darn Marbles intro screen 1 Those Darn Marbles intro screen 2
Those Darn Marbles Intro screens 1 and 2
Those Darn Marbles Level 1 screen. Those Darn Marbles Level 2 screen
Those Darn Marbles levels 1 and 2 game screens. Other level screenshots will come later.

Those Darn Marbles is a Coco 3 only adaptation of the arcade game Marble Madness. Requiring 512K of RAM, it utilized the vertical hardware smooth scrolling capabilities of the Coco 3, and also featured digitized voice and sound effects, and multiple levels. It also had a sense of humor; it snuck in silly things as part of the background - an example of which is on level 2, where there is a little burial mound with graffitti pointing to it, saying "Elvis is buried here". Like the arcade game (and the earlier Coco 1/2 version, Marble Maze), you have unlimited lives, but you have to complete a maze before the timer ends. And, like the other two versions, it has physics so that you can't turn your marble on a dime. It was one of the earlier games requiring 512K, and the digital voice and sound effects were made by another Oblique Triad product, Studio Works.

Title: Those Darn Marbles

Author: Jeff Noyle and Dave Triggerson

Publisher: Oblique Triad

Released: late 1990/early 1991

Requires: Color Computer 3, 512K RAM, disk only, joystick.

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