Conquering Armies

Conquering Armies intro screen

Conquering Armies intro screen
Conquering Armies game screen #1 Conquering Armies game screen #2
Conquering Armies game screens #1 & 2

Conquering Armies is a graphical strategy simulation, similar to the board game Risk, where you try to take over countries on the "world" map. You have 4 different types of troops: Knights, Light Cavalry, Men-at-arms, and archers. You can create armies of combinations of these, to attack the other countries. There is a bit of a real time element as well. A little green dot signifies an opposing army, and you get to watch them traverse the terrain to get to your city and attack. A little blue dot (once you assemble an army) is yours, and you control it with the joystick, to get to opposing castles. If you defeat a castle, some of the populace will join your army. Going to battle is basically run by the computer; you simply press keys to continue the battle, or retreat, depending on how things are going. The map shows your territories in yellow; the opponents are in green. Double castles are capital cities with much strong armies.

Title: Conquering Armies

Author: Steven C. Mitchell

Publisher: Mitchell Software

Released: 1983

Requires: Color Computer 1/2/3, 16K RAM (cassette) or 32K RAM (disk), Extended BASIC, joystick.

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