Space Bandits

Space Bandits intro screen Space Bandits loading screen
Space Bandits intro and loading screens.
Space Bandits game screen #1 Space Bandits game screen #2 (new pattern)
Space Bandits game screens 1 & 2 (the latter shows one of the new patterns).
Space Bandits game screen #3 (Boss) Space Bandits game screen #4
Space Bandits game screens 3 (with boss) & 4.
Space Bandits game screen #5

Space Bandits game screen 5.

Space Bandits is an advanced Coco 3 only version of the arcade smash Space Invaders. Featuring digitized sound effects and background graphics, 16 color completely redesigned aliens and player ships, it does have some differences from the arcade original. There are no bunkers to hide behind, but you do gain rapid fire. The aliens in the first wave march down the same as the arcade, but later waves start coming down in different patterns. There is also an end to this game (after you defeat the boss after wave 4, which takes multiple shots while he is spawning other aliens), which is actually merely the end to "Level 1". The final screens have been said by game author Jamie Cho to be hints for "Level 2", which is a future game that continues from this one. Jamie has also produced 3 versions of the game: The standard 512K version, a 6309 enhanced version, and even a Mac OSX version. it should also be mentioned that this is one of a few games that support the Orchestra-90 sound card, although it only uses the 8 bit portion of it and not any stereo effects.

The game itself is based on the publicly available Dynosprite object oriented engine, originally release in 2014 by Richard Goedeken which features digitized background sound and music support, sprites, hardware scroll support, tile map support, data compression, memory management and much more. While Richard had released some awesome demos based on his engine, I believe that Space Bandits is the first full game created using the engine, and really does show off parts of it.

Title: Space Bandits

Author: Jamie Cho (Dynosprite engine by Richard Goedeken)

Publisher: Jamie Cho

Released: 2021

Requires: Color Computer 3, 512K RAM; 6309, joystick and Orchestra-90 all optional.

Download 6809, 6309 or Mac OSX versions here.

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