Color Scarfman

Color Scarfman Intro screen #1 Color Scarfman Intro screen #2 - keyboard or joystick?
Color Scarfman intro screens. You can use the keyboard or joystick
Color Scarfman game screen #1 Color Scarfman game screen #2
Color Scarfman game play screens - Screen 1 and 2

Color Scarfman was the first Coco effort by The Cornsoft Group, which previously had made several TRS-80 Model I/III games (including a Pacman clone called Scarfman). This is one of the very few tape based, commercially sold ML games that would run on a 4K Coco that I know of. Using either the keyboard or a joystick, Color Scarfman differed from the arcade game in several ways: 1) there are no bonus shapes (since the entire program, including the graphics screen itself, had to run 4096 bytes, that is not surprising). 2) There are 5 ghosts, not 4. 3) The power pills work a little differently: As soon as you eat them, all the ghosts turn blue, but they do NOT turn back to their normal color (red) until you eat them... so, if you dodge the ghosts, they will stay blue for the rest of the level. Because of memory restrictions, Color Scarfman ran in a 4 color, 64x64 pixel mode... which was still a higher resolution than a 4K Coco could do through BASIC, but lower than pretty well any other commercial game.

Title: Color Scarfman

Author: ???

Publisher: Cornsoft Group

Released: 1982

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 4K RAM, tape (16K for disk).

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