Sailor Man

Sailor Man Options screen Sailor Man Level 1 game screen
Sailor Man Options and Level 1 game screens.
Sailor Man Level 2 game screen Sailor Man Level 3 game screen
Sailor Man Levels 2 and 3 game screens.

Sailor Man is a clone of the arcade game Popeye. Written by Chris Latham, who also wrote the smash hit Donkey King, it was the first 64K game for the Coco. The game featured all three of the original arcade game screens, and 4 voice musical interludes. The game was also innovative in all of the options that it allowed; one could choose which level to start on, and it also had the "Inviso" screen mode, where all of the background graphics (the buildings, platforms, etc.) would disappear. The gameplay itself involves you trying to catch various shapes that Olive Oil throws down from above, while avoiding Bluto, the Sea Hag, and others who are trying to kill you. You also get charge ups from punching Spinach cans, enabling you to defeat Bluto temporarily.

Title: Sailor Man

Author: Chris Latham

Publisher: Tom Mix Software

Released: 1984

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 64K RAM, joystick, cassette or disk.

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