Glove intro screen #1 Glove intro screen #2
Glove intro screens 1&2
Glove level 1 game screen #1 Glove level 1 game screen #2
Glove game screens for level 1
Glove level 4 game screen #1 Glove level 4 game screen #2
Glove game screens for level 4. Note different color set
Glove level 5 game screen #1 Glove level 5 game screen #2
Glove game screens for level 5

Glove is a clone of the popular arcade smash, Gauntlet (you can see the play on words used for the title). It will run on a Dragon 32 or 64, and Coco 1, 2 or 3's with at least 32K RAM (64K RAM or higher machines will load the whole game (including all 50 levels) at once; 32K will load pieces as needed. Sold by Cronosoft (which specializes on publishing games professionally for 8 bit systems), it comes on cassette (easily transferrable to disk) with full color artwork on the cassette liner notes. It will autodetect both which computer/RAM size you have, and also whether you are running in PAL or NTSC, and adjust itself accordingly. Glove uses both color sets (depending on which dungeon level you are on), so it uses all 8 colors as you progress. It features 1 or 2 players, and can be controlled with any mixture of joysticks and keyboard controls (and there are multiple sets of keyboard control schemes to pick from). Like the arcade original, it lets 2nd players join in at any time simply by hitting the button. All the elements of Gauntlet are in this game; potions, Death, multiple types of monsters with different capabilities, pop up help for when you first pick up objects, etc. It does run in a fairly low res graphics mode (128x96x4) to help keep the speed up, as there are a *lot* of monsters on screen at certain points of game play. The sound is pretty good, although obviously not up to the arcade version. A very good port of Gauntlet, and the only such port that will run on a 32K RAM machine.


Title: Glove

Author: James McKay (graphics by Tommy Pereira)

Publisher: Cronosoft

Released: 2007

Requires: Color Computer 1/2/3, Dragon 32, Dragon 64, 32K RAM minimum, joystick(s) optional.

Purchase Glove from Cronosoft's website - comes on cassette with full color liner.

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