Berserk (changed name to Haywire in late 1982)

Berserk intro screen #1 Berserk intro screen #2
Berserk intro screens
Berserk game screen

Berserk game screen

Berserk is the closest clone of the arcade smash Berzerk that the Coco has. It was also one of the earliest Coco games to use artifacted Pmode 4 colors. While not including any digitized voices as the arcade original did (and Spectral Associates Android Attack), it featured closer graphics and gameplay (including the Evil Otto happy face character that shows up if you take too long on a screen). It also included the "dumb" A.I. of the original arcade game, where the robots will actually run into or shoot each other.

The game had it's named changed to Haywire in late 1982, probably due to copyright reasons with Stern, which made the arcade Berzerk. The basic premise of the game: wander through a never ending maze of rooms and corridors, shooting all robots. If you take too long, the indestructable Evil Otto character comes out and homes in on you. While he moves fairly slowly, he can also travel through walls... but he also destroys any robots in his path. The first screen the robots don't fire back, but from there on, they do.

Title: Berserk

Author: Ron Krebs

Publisher: Mark Data Products

Released: November 1981 (as Haywire November 1982)

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 16K RAM tape, 32K disk, joystick.

Download BERSERK.BIN. Note that this is the disk version, so you will need 32K.
Also note that the intro and score screens use a Semigraphics mode that is not supported on the Coco 3 - so things will look funny. The main game is in PMODE 4, so it works fine.

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