Bouncy Ball

Bouncy Ball intro screen 1 Bouncy Ball intro screen 2
Bouncy Ball Intro screens
Bouncy Ball levels selection screen Bouncy Ball level 1 sample screen
Bouncy Ball Level selection, and sample Level 1 game screens
Bouncy Ball level 2 sample screen Bouncy Ball level 3 sample screen
Bouncy Ball Level sample Levels 2 and 3 game screens. There are more levels.

Bouncy Ball is a game inspired by the iOS game, Squareball. Created by Lee Patterson, who only got back into the Coco recently, and made with a cross platform C-compiler derivative (and some assembly language routines to speed critical things up), it was one of the "new-brew" games that was released at CocoFest 2016 in Chicago. Utilizing the lowest resolution graphics mode (which helps with the retro feel), it is a side-scrolling arcade style game (with some strategic timing), where you control a perpetually bouncing ball that stays in the middle of the screen. You control it's movement left to right, and try to collect trees (green squares), within a time limit, and get to the next level (by hitting the purple square). You have to avoid death traps (red squares), and "falling off the world" in later levels (black space at the top or bottom of the screen). The levels are very wide, and vary in size. It's an incredibly frustrating... err, fun, game.

Title: Bouncy Ball

Author: Lee Patterson, with some assembly maaadness by "The Invisible Man"


Released: April 2016

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 32K RAM, tape or disk, joystick optional.

Download Bouncy Ball from Lee's download page.

Please also consider donating (IE shareware) a couple of dollars Lee's way, and help encourage him to continue developing new Coco software, by clicking on the Donate button on his Bouncy Ball page here.

Also, watch Steve Strowbridge and I's interview with Lee Patterson and Simon Jonassen, including discussion about Bouncy Ball, here!

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