Bomb Threat

Bomb Threat intro screen #1 Bomb Threat intro screen #2
Bomb Threat intro screens #1 & 2
Bomb Threat game screen #1 Bomb Threat game screen #2
Bomb Threat game screens #1 & 2

Bomb Threat is a original arcade game that went through a strange journey to finally getting released. An original game written by Rick Adams after his successful Temple of ROM release through Tandy, this games was presented to Tandy, but was rejected. Rick then sent it to some other publishers, where it was also rejected. So, he set it aside, and worked on other projects, including DelphiTerm and Shanghai.

Decades later, after watching the CocoTalk live show and being interviewed on it, he mentioned that he had made this game way back in 1984. But, the source and disks had been lost over the years, even after much searching. He did, however, manage to find an old video cassette of the gameplay in action (his kids loved the game, back in 1984). With encouragement from the Coco community at large, Rick embarked on recreating the game from scratch, and finished it in 2017. It is now sold both by Neil Blanchard in cartridge form (including Radio Shack style packaging!) and by Rick himself in CD form, so the collector can choose the format that they want. The CD version includes some bonus content in the form of videos, including the original video from 1984 that he used to recreate the game.

The gameplay is that you are driving a forklift in a warehouse, but somebody has planted a bunch of bombs that can destroy both the boxes of inventory and/or your forklift, if they are too close when they go off. Your mission is push boxes or the bombs so that they are separated by enough space so that the boxes are not destroyed. You can pull one object at a time too, but push multiple ones. The bomb fuses get faster (and there are more of them) as you progress through levels, and sometimes a box contains a bomb. The game gets quite hectic in later levels as you try to save your inventory (and yourself).

You can order the cartridge version from Neil for $30 USD by emailing him here. Or, you can order the CD version from Rick from his Bomb Threat website here.

Title: Bomb Threat

Author: Rick Adams

Publisher: Neil Blanchard and Rick Adams

Released: 2017 (originally written 1984)

Requires: Color Computer 1/2/3, 16K RAM (cartridge), 32K RAM (disk), joystick.

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