Martian Crypt

Martian Crypt intro screen Martian Crypt game screen
Martian Crypt intro and game screen
NOTE: If you have a 'clean' screenshot of the intro screen, please email me

Martian Crypt is an animated graphical adventure game, sold by Tom Mix Software's 'cheaper' game subsiduary, Novasoft. It's game presentation is similiar to Radio Shack/Tandy's Sands of Egypt, in that it features scrolling terrain on the top half of the screen, and your text interaction on the bottom half. In it you have to find a martian crypt, built by the original inhabitants of Mars.

Martian Crypt was also somewhat unique in that it supported the Speech/Sound Pak, and the game talked if you had the card installed.

Title: Martian Crypt

Author: Scott Cabit (music by Ryan Sambrook)

Publisher: Novasoft (Tom Mix Software)

Released: 1985

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 32K RAM, disk or tape.

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