CocoGROW intro screen 1 CocoGROW intro screen 2
CocoGROW intro screens 1 & 2.
CocoGROW intro screen 3 CocoGROW intro screen 4
CocoGROW intro screens 3 & 4.
CocoGROW game screen 1) CocoGROW game screen 2)
CocoGROW game screens 1 & 2.

CocoGROW is a original Coco 3 only strategy / simulation game (although it has it's roots in some mobile farming style games). It's author, Jay Searle, wrote it mostly in CMOC (a C like language), with some assembly language bits thrown in for speed, and he had it basically completed in a month (you can see his blog about development here: Jay's ISOGame Project). It features two different play modes (time based to $100, and 3 difficulty modes played against the computer), 16 color graphics, and some semi-realtime gameplay as you try to grow a variety of crops and sell them at the right time to make the best profit. Each crop type varies it's growth rate by season as well, so the player has to figure out when is the best time to grow (and sell) each crop. You have 4 different crops to choose from to plant (and you get to watch them actually grow as the game progresses, on as isometric grid), and you have to keep track of both your crops in the ground, and crops that you have in storage. You also have seasons to contend with, and your cursor (that you move around with the arrow keys) changes colors depending on what you are doing (planting, plowing, harvesting). The price you get from crops varies, and is also partially dependent on the season you are selling in.

Title: CocoGROW

Author: Jay Searle

Publisher: Jay Searle

Released: 2020

Requires: Color Computer 3, 128K RAM.

Download COCOGROW.ZIP (contains CocoGROW DSK image).

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