Spider Hype intro screen Spider Hype game screen
Spider-Hype intro and game screens

Spider-Hype is an original arcade/strategy game that Roger Taylor was kind enough to release as public domain in 1992. The game itself has built in instructions that scroll across the screen on the bottom, and features 3 different 4-part harmony songs that play during different stages of the game (actual gameplay, winning, and losing). The 3 songs should be recognizable to most people, including a Beatles tune. The object of the game is to trap all of the spiders in the bottom chamber before time runs out. You can shut off the central barrier by holding down a key, and you have to use this to trap them; of course, they are all moving in different directions at all times, which makes this difficult.

Title: Spider-Hype

Author: Roger Taylor

Publisher: Public Domain

Released: 1992

Requires: Color Computer 3, 128K RAM, tape or disk.


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