Gems 2

Gems 2 intro screen #1 Gems 2 intro screen #2
Gems 2 intro screens
Gems 2 game screen Gems 2 high score screen
Gems 2 game and high score screens

Gems 2 is the sequel to John Strong's earlier game Gems. The gameplay is somewhat different, in that you click once to select 2 or more gems of the same color, that are touching each other, and a second time to destroy them. If you end up with lone gems of a single color, or mismatched colors touching each other, the game ends. There are multiple skill levels, with the more difficult ones adding more gem types. And, like Johnís previous games, it supports stereo sound if you have an Orchestra-90 card.

John sells the full version of this game for $20.00, and you can email him here to order it (as well as his earlier Gems and Soviet Bloc games, and some upcoming ones as well). And, there is a ROM Pack version coming soonÖ

Title: Gems

Author: John R. Strong

Publisher: Strongware

Released: 2013

Requires: Color Computer 3, 128K RAM, disk ONLY, joystick optional, Orchestra-90 card optional.

Download This contains the GEM2DEMO.DSK file.

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