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Airline is a graphic simulation/strategy type game where you must invest in landing rights, planes, etc. in different cities and try to make the most money possible doing so. You get to choose from over 36 different cities to buy landing rights in, and 5 different plane models to choose from. You are not allowed to land at airports that have landing rights belonging to anyone else. The letters on the left of the game screenshot above are your possible commands per turn, which are <L>anding rights purchase; <C>heck cost of landing rights; <P>urchase a plane; and <N> ext Turn. The letters on the right are for the types of plane you can buy: Prop plane, Airbus, DC-10, Boeing 747, and Concorde.

It's publisher, Adventure International, was well known for several multi-platform games (including all of the Scott Adams adventures, as well as Sea Dragon), including this one, which was originally done on the Atari 400/800, and then ported to the TRS-80 Model I/III and the Coco.

Roger Schrag, the author, is probably even more famous for utilities he published through Rainbow magazine... particularily his patches to the cartridge version of EDTASM+ (the editor/assembler/debugger for the Coco) to get it to run on a disk drive, even before Radio Shack/Tandy brought out their own disk version. He did several other extremely useful utilities as well.

Title: Airline

Author: Roger Schrag (original Atari 400/800 version by George Schwenk)

Publisher: Adventure International

Released: 1983

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 16K RAM, tape or disk.

Download AIRLINE.ZIP. This contains the airline.dsk image. To run, type LOADM"AIRLINE". Use the arrow keys to select your commands (the letters on the far left and right of the screen), and within some of the commands as well..

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