Tanks game screen

Tanks game screen

Tanks is a real time version of the famous Artillery game that has appeared on every platform. In it, you have two players exchanging tank shots over a variable sized hill, trying to see who can get the power and angle down first to destroy the opponent. While most such games have the players taking turns, this version uses the joysticks to allow one to fire whenever one is ready (unless a shot is already in the air from your tank). This program appeared in the Coco section of the August, 1982 issue of 80 Micros magazine, a magazine which normally catered to Z80 based TRS-80's (and later spawned Hot Coco magazine for a time).

Title: Tanks

Author: Larry D. Becker

Publisher: 80 Micros magazine

Released: August 1982 issue

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 16K RAM Extended BASIC, tape or disk, 2 joysticks.

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