Super Pitfall

Super Pitfall intro screen #1 Super Pitfall intro screen #2
Super Pitfall intro screens
Super Pitfall option settings screen Super Pitfall starting game screen
Super Pitfall Option settings and starting the game screens

Super Pitfall game screen Super Pitfall game screen #2
Super Pitfall game screens

Super Pitfall was the last of the Pitfall series to be ported to the Coco (after Pitfall II). A Coco 3 only game, using a full 32K ROM in the cartridge, it featured a huge maze of caverns and underground lakes to explore and find treasures, as well as rescuing several people and animals. Unlike the earlier Pitfall's, in this game Pitfall Harry is actually armed with a gun, and the game scrolls in all 4 directions as you wander through the 270 screens worth of caverns.
The game runs a little slow, and the background music can get quite annoying (thankfully, it can be shut off), but the game is otherwise quite good, with well drawn textures and items and a huge map to explore. Steve Bjork also brought out his own game based on the same engine, called Mine Rescue, but the game play was a little different, giving it a more unique flavour.
This game from the Pitfall series was only published on two platforms; the Coco and the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

Title: Super Pitfall

Author: Steve Bjork (SRB Software) for Activision

Publisher: Tandy/Radio Shack

Released: 1988

Requires: Color Computer 3 ONLY, 128K RAM, joystick optional.

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