Super Mastermind

Super Mastermind game screen

Super Mastermind game screen

Super Mastermind is a version of the strategy board game Mastermind, except that it only requires one player, instead of two as the original did. In it, you have to guess the colored pegs in the right order, given clues after each round (a black peg from the computer means you have a right colored peg in the right spot, a white peg means you have a right colored peg in the wrong spot). With multiple skill levels (you basically choose how many different colors are in each game), it can get very challenging... especially considering you only have up to 10 moves to solve it.
If any of you have played Gate Crasher, the concept of opening the red doors is the same thing, except harder in this game. It should be noted that the color set in this game is hard-coded for an RGB monitor, but the game is playable on a composite monitor or TV (as long as you don't mind the color names not matching the colors themselves).

Title: Super Mastermind

Author: Bill Nobel and Darryl Hildebrandt

Publisher: Freeware

Released: 1987

Requires: Color Computer 3, 128K RAM, tape or disk.

Download SMSTRMND.BAS. NOTE: This is a BINARY BASIC file.

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