Star Swoop

Star Swoop intro screen Star Swoop game screen
Star Swoop intro & game screens

Star Swoop is game along the line of the arcade smash Galaxian, in that you are a spaceship moving left to right along the bottom of the screen, and aliens come swooping in from above. There are some differences though; there are far less aliens at a time than Galaxian, and the ships spin around as they come down (sometimes becoming very narrow and much harder to hit). Using the Semigraphics-8 mode, the game features some of the best animated higher semigraphics sprites that I have seen, and even uses the inverted character set in the background to have the effect of a twinkling & scrolling starfield in the background. There is also constant sound with either the swarming alien sounds or the player's firing and destroying the aliens.

The game was originally release for the Dragon 32/64 in the UK, and later converted to the Coco 1/2. It should be noted that while this game can technically played on a Coco 3 if you LOADM the program, then do a POKE &HFF9C,8 before EXECing it, you won't be able to see your scores or the starfield properly.

Title: Star Swoop

Author: D.K. Pridmore

Publisher: Blaby Computer Games

Released: 1985 (on the Dragon)

Requires: Color Computer 1/2 ONLY, 16K RAM.

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