Wizard's Den

Wizard's Den intro screen 1 Wizard's Den intro screen 2
Wizard's Den Intro screens
Wizard's Den intro screen 3 Wizard's Den level 1 game screen
Wizard's Den intro screen #3 and a sample Level 1 ("The Dark Woods") game screen. Other levels will come later.

Wizard's Den is an original (as far as I know) adventure/arcade game. Featuring very large, 4 way scrolling maps, and multiple levels of them, you are on a mission to recover the Gem of Damocles, which was stolen by an evil wizard. You can collect objects, and have to navigate deadly terrain, and kill monsters, while searching for the entrance to the next level. There are 8 levels in all, before you can find the Gem. Also, not everything will appear as it actually is; some terrain will not be what it looks like, making the game extra difficult. The multiple monsters also have different strengths, and may take more than one hit to kill. Some can also stun you... you are frozen for a few seconds and can not return fire (except for using a potion). The 8 levels are all named; in order, they are: 1) The Dark Woods, 2) Inside the Temple, 3) Enter the Caverns, 4) The Wizard's Maze, 5) The Deep Caverns, 6) The Marble Caves, 7) The Lost Keep, and 8) The Wizard's Den.

Title: Wizard's Den

Author: Matt Harper

Publisher: Novasoft (Tom Mix subsiduary)

Released: 1987

Requires: Color Computer 1, 2 or 3 with 64K RAM, disk only, joystick optional.

Download WIZARDSDEN.ZIP. This contains the .DSK image of the game. RUN "BOOT" to start the game.

Download the manual.

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