Tower of Fear

Tower of Fear intro screen #1 Tower of Fear intro screen #2
Tower of Fear intro screens.
Tower of Fear game screen

Tower of Fear game screen.

Tower of Fear is one of the most logical text adventure games that I have played... there is nothing in this game that is so "out there" that you can't solve with plain common sense. It has a single graphics screen at the beginning as part of the credits, but other than that it is plain text (although, within a scrolling window. I believe that this was Charles Forsythe's (and The Programmer's Guild's) first commercial game.

Title: Tower of Fear

Author: Charles Forsythe

Publisher: Programmer's Guild

Released: Late 1981 or early 1982

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 16K RAM Extended BASIC (cassette), or 32K RAM Extended BASIC (disk).

Download CHARLESFORSYTHE.ZIP (DSK image includes Tower of Fear, amongst others).

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