Warp Fighter 3-D

Warp Fighter 3-D intro screen Warp Fighter 3-D game screen
Warp Fighter 3-D intro and game screens

Warp Fighter 3-D is a 3 dimensional space war game, similiar to Project Nebula, except that it adds a lot more color, and better warp effects. It's most innovative addition, however, was allowing the usage of the older blue/red 3-D glasses with the game to make it TRULY 3-D (shapes actually appear to recess into or come out of the screen). By using page-flipping techniques for the two colors, and varying the position on each of these screens depending on the depth of the shapes, a true 3-D was experienced.

Title: Warp Fighter 3-D

Author: Steve Bjork

Publisher: SRB Software

Released: 1987

Requires: Color Computer 3, 128K RAM, disk, joystick, 3-D glasses optional.

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