Destiny intro screen

Destiny intro screen.
Destiny game screen #1 Destiny game screen #2
Destiny game screens 1 & 2.
Destiny game screen #3 Destiny game screen #4
Destiny game screens 3 & 4.

Destiny is a previously unreleased Coco 3 version of the famous TV game show Wheel of Fortune. It's author Sean Stuckless had programmed the game years previously (when he was 15 years old), and after he found it again around Christmas of 2020, he uploaded it for free. The game (written in BASIC) features some nice graphics and an animated wheel. The disk image that Sean uploaded even includes utilities to add new data to the people and places data files, allowing you to expand the game. The game works completely with keyboard controls, although it needs at least 2 or 3 human players to play. The controls are simple: F1 spins the wheel, F2 buys a vowel, and hit SPACE to solve. Due to some of the special fonts (like the Old English one for the player names), one must make sure that they play with the keyboard in ALL CAPS mode; it won't recognize lowercase letters.

Title: Destiny

Author: Sean Stuckless

Publisher: Sean Stuckless

Released: 2020 (programmed much earlier)

Requires: Color Computer 3, 128K RAM.

Download Destiny here.

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