Alcatraz II

Alcatraz II intro #1 Alcatraz II intro #2
Alcatraz II Intro Screens
Alcatraz II intro #3 Alcatraz II game screen
Alcatraz II skill selection and game screens

Alcatraz II was the first commercial release by Mike Hughey, who later wrote two excellent machine language games Grabber and Draconian. This game, which sold for $9.95 US at the time, was written in Extended Basic, and is made up of two programs (one for instructions and the intro, and the other the game itself). Loosely based on the real life Alcatraz prison by San Francisco, you play a prison inmate trying to escape the prison, which has roaming guards, locked and unlocked doors, minotaurs (who can pass through walls and force-fields), switchboxes (which control the force-shields), sentry robots, lasers, and other obstacles. Your mission on each screen is to progress from wing to wing (you start on the left, and the wing exits are on the right), going through various levels to escape. Though the game is a little slow, being written in BASIC, it is quite a fun (and hard!) real time puzzle game.

Title: Alcatraz II

Author: Michael (Mike) R. Hughey

Publisher: Spectral Associates

Released: 1981 or 1982

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 16K RAM Extended BASIC, tape or disk, joysticks optional.

Download ALCATRAZ2.ZIP. Type RUN"ALCATRAZ" to run with instructions, or RUN"ALC2" to just run the game itself.

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