Escape intro screen #1 - Coco version Escape intro screen #1 - Dragon version
Escape intro screens for original Coco and Dragon 32 versions.
Escape intro screen #2

Escape intro screen #2.
Escape game screen - wandering the 3-D halls Escape game screen - a door
Escape game screens 1 & 2 - the 3-D maze, and finding a door
Escape game screen #3 - the Maestro behind one of the doors Escape game screen #4 - another clue
Escape game screens 3 & 4 - two different people with clues that you encounter behind doors
Escape game screen #5
Escape game screen 5 - wrong combo for the elevator... you are about to die!

Escape was Ken Kalish's first game for the Coco, written in late 1981 and published in early 1982. Featuring real time 3D graphics (the same engine he would use later with Phantom Slayer). From talking to Ken, it was originally called "Thinking Man's Maze" but I don't if it was ever released by that name (the earliest advertisement for it is from the March, 1982 Rainbow, where it is listed Escape).
Escape is kind of 3-D graphical adventure game. You start at the top floor of a building, and your mission is to get out at the bottom alive. The elevator requires you to punch in numeric codes for it work properly (a similiar tactic as the doors in Gate Crasher two decades later). The difference is, you have to explore the maze on each floor, opening doors to find people that will give you clues. Some doors open to things that harm you, however... you have to map the maze to figure out the good vs. bad doors. You will meet all kinds of strange people that give you strange clues... you have to figure them out to figure out the sequence to use the elevator.

Title: Escape

Author: Ken Kalish

Publisher: Color Software Services (Microdeal Cornwall in the UK)

Released: Early 1982

Requires: Color Computer 1/2/3, 16K RAM.

Download ESCAPE.ZIP. This contains the Escape .DSK image. To run, type LOADM"ESCAPE", and then EXEC. Use the arrow keys to move.

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