Champion intro screen #1 Champion intro screen #2
Champion intro screens 1 & 2
Champion game screen #1 Champion game screen #2
Champion game screens 1 & 2 (in flight, and on ground menu)
Champion game screen #3 Champion game screen #4
Champion game screens 3 & 4 (2 of 4 possible opponents)

Champion is original adventure/arcade game, with 3 levels of play. In it, you are a superhero, who can fly, and can fight (both conventionally by kicking and punching, and by using a Power Blast). You have several types of opponents, some armed, that you fight, as well as Mr. Bigg, the guy in charge of all of the bad guys. The game features real time fighting, where you pick your attack options from a menu, and each takes a different amount of time. Your opponents are the same way; so, in some cases you may be able to get in a couple of hits before he hits back, and in others, you won't. Mr. Bigg himself can disguise himself as one of the other villains, and your ultimate goal is to gather all of the pieces of the Detector device (a device that can detect Mr. Bigg's brainwaves and thus identify who is really him), and also to find the Power Drain device that is capable of defeating Mr. Bigg. The game features some digitized sound effects, and also the reactions of the villains when they hit or get hit, as well as a map that you can fly through. You can also face up to 3 villains at one time (in turns, though), and if you RETREAT from Villains, you can get away unharmed, but you lose points.

Title: Champion

Author: Glen R. Dahlgren

Publisher: Originally Mark Data Products, then Sundog Systems

Released: around Christmas, 1986

Requires: Color Computer 1/2/3, 64K RAM, disk only, joystick.

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