Gold Rush

Gold Rush intro screen 1 Gold Rush intro screen 2
Gold Rush intro screens 1&2
Gold Rush intro screen 3 Gold Rush intro screen 4
Gold Rush intro screens 3&4
Gold Rush intro screen 5 Gold Rush game screen
Gold Rush intro screen 5 and game screen

Gold Rush is one of the Sierra On-Line, Inc. animated adventure games that was the two animated adventure games that was ported by Guillaume Major, years after it was originally released on other platforms. This is because a lot of Sierra's games were based on their AGI engine (which was already officially ported to the Coco 3 in 1988 for Leisure Suit Larry and Kings Quest III, but, for some reason, the rest of their library was not, even though it would have taken minimal effort. As with all of the AGI series, you could control your character in real time using joystick or keyboard, as well as typing adventure style commands, and it had real time animation of your character and various other things.
In this game, you play Jerrod Wilson, who is trying to get to California to take part in the great Gold Rush of 1849, and to find his brother.

Title: Gold Rush

Author: Doug and Ken MacNeil (original program), Chris Iden (Coco/OS-9 AGI engine), ported by Guillaume Major

Publisher: Sierra On-Line (ported independently by Guillaume Major)

Released: 2006

Requires: Color Computer 3, 256K RAM, disk only, OS-9 or NitrOS9, joystick optional.

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