Donkey King (later The King)

Please note: the 4th game screen (the pies/conveyor belt screen) screenshot will be forthcoming.

Donkey King Intro Screen The King Intro Screen (from re-release)

Donkey King and The King intro screens, (original and re-release)
Donkey King Screen 1 (Girders) Donkey King Screen 2 (Rivets)

Donkey King Screens 1 & 2 (Girders and Rivets)
Donkey King Screen 3 (Elevators) Donkey King Screen 4 (Conveyors)

Donkey King Screens 3 & 4 (Elevators and Converyors)

Donkey King is one of the most famous games the Coco 1/2 ever had. It was the first game that actually put all other clones, on all other home computers (or home game systems) to shame... and it wasn't even a licensed arcade version! All 4 screens from the original arcade hit Donkey Kong, most of the multi-voice music, and most of the intermissions were included. The best port of this game (prior to the Coco) was probably the Colecovision, but this one was better.

I believe that this was part of the reason that Tom Mix Software had to rename it to "The King" later on; or they would have gotten sued (they really should have just made it an official licensed version at that point... it was that good!)

Title: Donkey King (later called The King)

Author: Chris Latham

Publisher: Tom Mix Software

Released: Late 1982 - renamed 1983

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 32K RAM, cassette or disk, joystick.


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